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Bananas taste great - and make you smile


The most direct, mouth-watering message! Advertising tells people about you and your personality: simpatico, flirty, funny, persevering... To best communicate our clients’ organoleptic qualities, we study every possible combination, peel off anything improper or imperfect, chew up energetic, fresh words that are good for the heart – and then we serve the message as it should be served. With the ends up, of course – with a smile!


In a nutshell, it’s a surprise


What’s outside comes from the idea inside. A good package has a peculiar relationship with the nutmeat, the content: it makes you imagine it, glimpse it – or it hides it. Depending on what you want it to do. It arouses curiosity thanks to its size, surfaces, colors, proportions, materials and more. Whatever it takes, to get to your heart. If the wrapper is right, you’ll choose... without a second thought!


A suggestion for every purchase

Home POP

What do you need? Precious gold, prized quail, delicious chocolate? We know you choose only at the last moment, in less than a second. That’s why we line the nest with pointers, signals, itineraries, images, allusions, and whispers. Communicating at the sales point means giving good advice at the right moment. But we already know what you’re dreaming of...


Style makes all the difference


Afternoon tea at five? A flair for sports? The soul of a dreamer? If you want something that’s really yours, sign it so that it will be recognized in the street, on the shelf, on radio and television. A tiny sign that tells about you and your style, in an instant, in almost no space at all. You can taste the difference immediately.

Corporate Identity

A recipe for a truly unique dish


All recipes have rules to obey and spaces for invention. A dash of this, a pinch of that, a pound of this, a cup of that: the right quantity of each, all in the right order. A coordinated image is like a recipe, the blueprint for a grand project: a mix of many ingredients, all top quality, for a tasty, balanced dish. And different from any other.


A theater of scrolling images


Wait a second! It takes time to communicate. “Cooking” time is important: too long, and it may scorch; too short, and the flavors may not blend. Working with the media really is a question of timing, of balances: photos that grab your attention in a second, commercials that need half a minute to say it all, videos you could watch forever... And everything cooked to perfection!

Exhibition Stand

A strategic line


Tic. If you’re out there with people, in the crowd at a trade show or a supermarket, you need a big calling card. A stand! Tac. It looks like a little restaurant, with signs, tables, a relaxed atmosphere and good taste galore. Toe. Put everything on display for all to see, to read the menu, to taste your products, to enjoy your quality service. In a space that tells a coherent story, draws a line leading straight to your brand. And you’ve won!

New Media

www.i like you


What’s the first thing you looked at this morning? Your smartphone? Congratulations, you’re an inhabitant of this planet! Since everyone spends a great deal of time on platforms like cell phones, tablets, phablets, watches and laptops that’s where we want you to be. Fresh, juicy communication, to bite into at any moment of the day. Perfect in any season. Over the Internet - but not just there- you can expand your networks of fans, customers, curious consumers and friends. A world-wide world of opportunity!

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